Wharton invitation to interview!!

This is great! My third invite of the season!

I woke up this morning and first thing I did is to check my gmail and saw the “Wharton Invitation to Interview” email. I think I have been dreaming about Wharton during my sleep tonight :). Sincerely, I had a lot of doubts about this application, as I had applied about a week before the deadline and I didn’t get an invitation the first day.

I have already scheduled my interview in Hong Kong. I had the choice between an Alumni and an Adcom member, but I preferred to do it with the later.

Wharton, Chicago and LBS… I’m very excited. All my hard-work during the last year is paying off. I hope to finish off the task with good interviews and admissions in mid-December.

As “usual”, my wife also received an invitation :). It’s the best thing to share the happiness.

Here the email received:

Dear xxxx,

The status of your application has been updated and you have been invited to interview with the Wharton MBA Admissions Office. (Please look for the link to the letter inviting you to interview located at the bottom of the main page of your online application account.)

Please log into your Wharton account and select “Search” in the Events box to the right on the main page. Next select an interview type (On-Campus or Alumni) and proceed to schedule your interview. Please read the instructions given for each type of interview very carefully.

If scheduling an on-campus interview, select the date you are looking for and proceed. If scheduling a HUB location interview, select the location, and proceed to schedule your interview.

We look forward to meeting you in the near future.

Wharton MBA Admissions Office
The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
420 Jon M Huntsman Hall
3730 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6340



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