Ding from Harvard

Two days ago I received a ding notification from Harvard, something expected after 2 weeks waiting for an interview invitation that never arrived.

Honestly I completed the application in a weekend, just after receiving my Toefl retake score (109, the minimum required). Perhaps I should have worked more on it, as I reused the essays written for Chicago, Wharton and LBS. Anyway I don’t think I could have done it much better at that time. However, the MIT application later forced me to write new essays (with its requirement that the stories must be from the last 3-years) that would have worked really well on Harvard’s essays. It is possible that I have focused too much on non-professional stories for my applications before the MIT’s.

During August I started to have doubts about applying to Harvard or not. First, at that time my Toefl score was far lower than the minimum required. And second, after doing a lot of research about the school, I had doubts about its 100% case method courses and to be part of an environment where I would have to “fight” and compete with 90 other students to say something in a one minute speech.

At the end I let aside the application, giving more priority to the ones I was more interested and I felt I had more chances.

Anyway, Harvard appealed a lot to me (brand name, general management focus, alumni network, campus, Boston, etc.), and when I received my new Toefl score in mid-September (109, exactly Harvard’s minimum) and I was almost done with the other application, I decided to apply. In a matter of a weekend I completed the application.

I’m of course disappointed as I had expected at least an interview. But well, I’m used to see always the good sides of everything. If I have not been selected, that may mean I’m not fit with the school, as I internally thought.

Very soon… LBS and Wharton decisions! If I not receive invitations then this time I will be really disappointed…

Harvard’s ding email:

Dear xxx:

The Harvard MBA Admissions Board sincerely appreciates your interest
in our program, and recognizes the considerable potential and strength
evident in your application. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer you
a place in the MBA Class of 2013.

The MBA Admissions Board carefully and thoughtfully assesses each
application. Ultimately, it is a matter of numbers — due to the large
number of applications we receive, we are unable to admit many strong
candidates — candidates who have excellent credentials and who
demonstrate strong promise for careers in management.

In reviewing this round of applications, we saw a great deal of
talent, accomplishments and energy. Please know that composing a
cohort with maximum texture and range in experience and skill set is
an extremely difficult task, and not a reflection of your
qualification as an applicant. We thank you for considering our MBA
Program, and please accept our best wishes for future success.


Deirdre C. Leopold
Managing Director, MBA Admissions & Financial Aid



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