Applications submitted for Round 1

I submitted already 4 out of 5 applications!! Booth, Harvard, Wharton and LBS. My wife has also applied to all the schools but Harvard (she is not HBS fan).

I submitted every one with several days to spare ;). I have been working on this for months so I didn’t want any surprise at the very last moment. MIT is the only one is still not finished. I plan to do work on it next week, once I’m back from a trip to Spain. Yes! this Wednesday I’ll go to Madrid for the wedding of my wife’s older sister. It’s going to be a little exhausting as we will take 16 hours flights (one connection needed in Paris) and we’ll only stay there for 4 days… when I will be recover from the jet-lag I will have to come back. But well it’s always great to go there and visit family and friends.

On the recommenders side, they also have submitted their letters on time. To refresh your memory, my recommenders have been my former New York boss (French), a colleague from my current job in Hong Kong (also French), and the third (only for Harvard) another colleague from New York that works now in Johannesbourg and who is from Pakistan. I didn’t ask my current boss because he is in the position for less than two months (the former manager left the company). He is Chinese by the way.

Only my NY boss struggled to submit Wharton on time (he was kind of pissed off with Wharton’s questions), but eventually yesterday he did it, and I could sleep peacefully 😀 (today is Wharton’s deadline). I think I sent him 10 emails and reminders during the last week hehe.

I’m really grateful to them for this big effort. I didn’t know that it was so hard to write an MBA recommendation. I’ll buy them something but I’m out of ideas, I want to offer them something special.

Off topic, here some pics I took last Saturday in Hong Kong.

Bank of China building with Cheung Kong Centre reflected

Sham Shui Po Market

Surroundings of Sham Shui Po Market

Full Flickr Hong Kong’s album here.

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