Mes: septiembre 2010

China Photostream

At last I have had some time to upload to Flickr some photos of the trip to China I took in August.

Here it is: China Flickr set

To refresh your memory, the itinerary was  the following: Beijing, Xian, Guilin, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Shanghai and back to Hong Kong.

Here some examples:

The Great Wall

Photo of Li River in Guilin

Another in Guilin



Applications status, one week to go


I’m finishing round 1 (hopefully the last one) applications and I have been writing the essays during last weeks.

I have two people that read my essays, both friends. The first is a Spaniard friend with good English that reviews then and gives me her opinion about content. The second is an American friend of my parents that makes a review to check for any typo.

Here you have a quick status of my applications. Finally I’ve decided to apply to HBS, as it didn’t require me a lot of work and I’ve been able to reuse a lot from Booth and Wharton’s essays.

Chicago Booth: Deadline October 13th. Essays finished and reviewed. I will take a last look and submit them.
Wharton: Deadline October 4th. Essays finished and reviewed. I will take a last look and submit them.
LBS: Deadline October 6th. Essays finished, waiting for second review.
Harvard: Deadline October 1st. Essays finished, waiting for second review.
MIT Sloan: deadline October 26th. Not started.

Therefore, I have one week till the first deadline. I have to push my recommenders… my former NY supervisor told me that he is almost done, but my second recommender (a colleague from HK) hasn’t started yet…. By the way, I don’t have a recommendation from my current supervisor because he left the company three months ago, as well as his own supervisor. I then chose my formed NY supervisor because he knew me much better.

On the other hand, I’m also waiting to receive my undergraduate/graduate transcripts from my Spanish University (they are still translating everything to English). I already have the transcripts from the French one.

I’m happy as I have had the time to prepare all the applications I had planned to do months ago :).

To be continued……………..On y est presque!

How to improve your TOEFL score?

Hi guys,

Want to improve your Speaking and Writing TOEFL scores?

If you are a Spanish speaker, I suggest you to visit the TOEFL forum at Club MBA.

On the other hand, following my assignation as a new GMATClub moderator, I have been promoting some ideas to help people improve their TOEFL scores in that site too.

1) Conversation partners
The idea is to help people (willing to practice Speaking) to contact other users in the same situation, and then they can meet each other using Skype, MSN, etc. and speak in English, ask each other TOEFL questions, and so on. Trust me, I did it during my preparation and it helped me so much to improve my fluency.

2) Essays correction.
The idea is to post your TOEFL practice essays and other users comment on it, so you can find your errors and improve your writing.

Conversation partners
Essay correction

You can also enjoy for a lot of information about TOEFL, my own templates, courses discounts, and many other things.

Remember, you need to practice a lot if you want to improve your TOEFL score!