Mes: junio 2010

Wharton 2011 Essays and Chicago Booth information session

Wharton, another of my target schools, has published its essays. Here they are:

* What are your professional objectives? (300 words)
Please respond to three of the following:
1) Student and alumni engagement has at times led to the creation of innovative classes. For example, through extraordinary efforts, a small group of current students partnered with faculty to create a timely course entitled, “Disaster Response: Haiti and Beyond,” empowering students to leverage the talented Wharton community to improve the lives of the Haiti earthquake victims. Similarly, Wharton students and alumni helped to create the “Innovation and the Indian Healthcare Industry” which took students to India where they studied the full range of healthcare issues in India. If you were able to create a Wharton course on any topic, what would it be? (700 words)
2) Reflect on a time when you turned down an opportunity. What was the thought process behind your decision? Would you make the same decision today? (600 words)
3) Describe a failure that you have experienced. What role did you play, and what did you learn about yourself? How did this experience help to create your definition of failure? (600 words)
4) Discuss a time when you navigated a challenging experience in either a personal or professional relationship. (600 words)

I already have some ideas of what I will write in some of the essays. In fact, I have been doing some brainstorming about my life in the last weeks. In addition, I have asked close family and friends and they are helping me to find good stories.

On the other hand, I’ve assisted today to an online Chicago Booth’s information session hosted by Kaplan. Rose Martinelli, Associate Dean for Student Recruitment and Admissions, has provided a presentation of the school and answered some questions. It has been a good opportunity to learn about the school and its community. Rose seemed to know perfectly well how to do her job and I liked her way to talk about the school and her answers to the questions.  Honestly, I knew almost everything she has said, but that’s because I know a couple of friends who attended Chicago MBA some years ago, and that are giving me a lot of information about the school. Anyway, I enjoyed the presentation.

TOEFL retake date

I already made the appointment for the TOEFL retake. I will retake it on August 14th, the first date available in Hong Kong.

To recall you, I scored a 102 in my first TOEFL attempt (March 13th), which is not enough for some top schools. I’m confident that I will score higher next time, as the GMAT preparation should improve my English skills (at least, reading and writing sections).