TOEFL predictions

You might be wondering what happened on the TOEFL exam.

I will receive the official score in about two or three weeks. Anyway, this is what I predict (with +-5 points error):

TOTAL: 101
– Reading: 24
– Listening: 24
– Speaking: 23
– Writing: 30

I’ve performed worse in the two sections I used to do very well and better in the two in which I was less confident.

Actually, the reading was far more complicated than the ones I practiced with. Complex texts along with tricky questions. I didn’t manage well the time and at least in two questions I had to guess the answer (and one of both was worth 3 points), and many others I wasn’t sure about the answer. In addition, the listening difficulty was quite similar to my previous test, but I wasn’t able to maintain the concentration all the time, because of the guys around me were speaking all the time.

The speaking was fine. I mean, not at all perfect, but I didn’t mess up any of the question altogether. I think I did very well two of the questions, other three I answered them regular (I didn’t have time to finish in time one), and one bad (I didn’t get stuck but I didn’t answer the whole question).

Regarding the writing section, I think I did really well. The first essay question was perfect for me: a short passage with a clear idea and reasons to support the idea, and a lecture in where the professor contradicted the whole idea by casting doubts on the reading support ideas. It was something like “there is a new method called Y to do something, and it is better than the old method X because of: 1) something, 2) something, 3) something. Then, in the lecture, the professor discussed the three points giving clear ideas that contradicted the three support points in the reading. Therefore, it was easy to make the relation between lecture and reading, and I was able to write a long essay. The second essay was little more complicated but I also made a good job. I sincerely expect the highest mark (30) in this section, but we’ll see…

I’ll keep you posted whenever I receive the official score.



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