Willing to turn TOEFL’s page

Sincerely, I haven’t had much time this week to study TOEFL, and I’m also quite tired of doing it. I feel like I need a break…. I want to do the exam as soon as possible, turn the page and forget about it (at least for some time).

During the week, I have been doing some Speaking tests as well as Integrated Tasks of the Writing part (the first essay). 

The exam is held in Kowloon, and it begins at 9 AM. Since I live in Wanchai (Hong Kong island) it’s almost one hour to get in there. In fact, I don’t want to have any unexpected surprise, so two weeks ago we did (my wife and I) the journey to the exam location. Thank goodness we did so, because the place wasn’t so easy to find and we got lost twice.

We took the MTR (HK’s subway) to go there, but we might take a taxi this Saturday. I’m not sure if it is worthy as we need first to get out of the island in MTR and then take the taxi. In addition, lot of people work on Saturdays here in HK, so there is always the traffic risk. 

By the way, my wife is also taking the exam so I won’t be alone :), she is considering applying to an MBA too!

Wish us luck!



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