TOEFL, one week to go

Yeah! I’m only a week away from my first official step towards my MBA!

I’m pretty excited, even if I’m not convinced I will perform as well as needed. Realistically, I think my score will be ranging from 100 to 105, but it could be worse or better depending if the Gods are with or against me.

Today I did a full mock test and I scored 29/30 in Reading and 28/30 in Listening. The Speaking wasn’t too bad (I score myself 21) and Writing was fairly good (let’s put a 26). My final score would be around 104.

I think everything will be decided whether I do well on the Speaking or not. I can perform well some times, and really bad others. Basically, it will depend on my ability to find out good ideas during preparation time, and also if I don’t say any stupidity or get stuck while talking.

I use to perform better under pressure, but on the other hand I’m easily distracted, what can be a decisive thing during the Speaking section, as I will have plenty of people around me speaking aloud.

Anyway, during last weeks of preparation I’ve realized that I can improve much more from now until MBA application date, so I won’t be too sad if I don’t get my desired score. In fact, I don’t mind too much having to retake the exam again before or after summer, but always after GMAT, my next target.

I consider essential to have very strong English at MBA entry time, so I will continue studying it no matters what happen next Saturday.


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