The Sun, a rarity in HK

Today sunlight rays are entering through my window! Believe it or not it’s been a long time since I haven’t seen the sun here in Hong Kong (about a month and a half).

As a Spaniard, I’m used to live with blue sky and plenty of sunlight, and the Hong Kong’s permanently covered sky bothers me a lot. In addition, according to local people the worst has not arrived yet. In fact, during the summer apart from a cloudy sky, we will “enjoy” typhoons, 95% humidity and 35ºC. Anyone willing to swap apartments this summer?

During winter it hardly ever rains, but that does not prevent the clouds and fog from covering the city continuously. Sometimes you wonder if the clouds stem from evaporated water or on the contrary from the chimneys of Shenzhen’s factories. Better not to know.

Check the following pictures. The first one shows how is Hong Kong a few days per year. The second, how is Hong Kong the rest.



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